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Corporate culture
This logo is designed according to the English abbreviations "VMM" of "Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd." with the standard color of scientific and technological blue, implying the characteristics of "high-tech enterprise". The right letter "M" stands for metal materials, implying that the company is mainly engaged in "metal materials". Blue stripe above the left is on behalf of the "science and technology innovation". The eight red stripes below are on behalf of the eight main industries of our company. The figure on the left side presents the shape of "V" on the whole that means the science and technology innovation driving the development of industry, the industry development promoting science and technology innovation and the benign interaction of technology and industry promoting our company to get continuous success on the road of development. The logo is dignified and generous, which means that our company is rooted in the area of rare metal materials and is committed to build the leading rare metal processing base in the world.

We are committed to build our company to be the leading manufacturing base for rare metal materials in the world.

Service: key strategic needs for nation
Promotion: continuous and healthy development for enterprise
Creation: value realizing platform for staff
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