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Nuclear power development

1. Nuclear power reaction control rod

The nuclear reaction control rod is the key material to ensure the safety of the reactor by absorbing the thermal neutron in the reactor to realize the nuclear power regulation and emergency shutdown control function. By the end of 2016, our company has supplied over 30,000 nuclear power control rods cumulatively and the production value is over 400 million yuan. We are upgrading from the pure nuclear control rod materials to the nuclear power control rod components .

2. The condenser tube of nuclear power plant

The company is currently the only qualified supplier of nuclear power condenser titanium/steel composite plate. By the end of 2016, we have provided 364 condensers for the nuclear power units of 33 projects, totaling about 2,235 tons.

3. Nuclear spent fuel treatment equipment

The Ti35 titanium alloy spent fuel reprocessing equipment which is mainly developed by our company, has been completed through internal collaboration from material development, processing and manufacturing, composite material processing to equipment design and manufacture. The equipment has been accepted by the National Nuclear Safety Bureau.

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